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I believe in sacrifice.

I believe in brutal truth.

I believe in the pursuit in

becoming the highest version

of myself and sharing that with

others so they can do the same. 

For the past 5 years I have come to adopt this mindset. A winner's mentality.

This change in consciousness allowed me to break free from:

Years of steroid and drug abuse

2 Divorces



Repossessions and Debt

Being Completely Lost and Directionless 

I went from making $16 per hour as the assistant manager of Steve Madden at 35

to building a multi-million dollar business at 40

and on my way to the second one at 41. 

In those years, I not only decided to take complete control of

my financial situation but also my mental and spiritual departments.

I decided that knowledge isn't power but application of that

given knowledge is the true power. 

From this philosophy I became certified and trained as a:

Therapeutic mentor

cognitive behavioral therapist

life coach

personal trainer

I have written 4 books in the personal development space, spoken at schools,

and have mentored and trained a multitude of people. 

at some point in your life you can decide to stay where you're at...or you

can cultivate the type of brutal truth with yourself and realize that

everything in your life right now is the sum total of your own conditioning

and actions. The trauma in your life may not be your fault, but healing 

from it is. 

no one is coming to save you. only you can do the work. only you can go into

the cave in which you fear to enter the most....that's where the true treasure is. 

I have several tools on this page that will allow you to find your starting point. 

books, audio courses and coaching are all available to you.


Start with the 

Principles on how to not suck

Start with the Breadsticks is more than a book, it is a journey to profound truth, a challenge to level up, a pocket companion that if used correctly can provide true and lasting holistic growth on this journey through life.

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The overall goal of this course is to be a simple guide for reuniting you to the truest, most authentic version of you. My hope is that you can take the following lessons and apply them to your present reality and allow them to plant new seeds that will take root and help to reconnect you to the highest version of yourself. That version of you who has been waiting to be brought forth. The version of you that truly knows what their aim and purpose are in this life. The version of you who knows the path to take in order to reach your highest potential future. Allow yourself to become emotionally involved in the following principles and truths and permit yourself to rediscover your power.

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